Demineralization  Water  Treatment  Package

Business / Demineralization Water Treatment Package
  •    Summary

  • Demineralization Water is a purified water treated with removal of most or all of mineral and salt ions such as Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium. Demineralization Water Treatment Package is for used to remove these contains in the raw water by using the equipment like Ion-Exchanger and Membrane-EDI.

  • Classification of Demineralization Package
  •    2B3T + MBP Type
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  • UAE, Green Diesel Project

  • Mixed Bed Polisher

  • Regeneration 1

  • Activated Carbon Filter

  • Regeneration 2

  • Korea, V-Project

  •    Membrane-EDI Type
  •    Block Flow Diagram

  •    3D Modeling & Photo.