Nutshell Filter

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  •    Nutshell Filter Package

  • It removes free oil and suspended solids from oil field produced water, refinery, wastewater and any water source.
    It is very effective for the treatment of suspended solids, oily residues, ash and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids generated by petrochemical industries and others. Nut shell media are not affected by heavy oil surges, therefore, the nut shell media fouling is much less than other media. The media is also easily cleaned and rarely needs replenishing. (normally only 5% per year)

  • ◈  Advantage

    • 98% Removal of Suspended Solids and Oil more than five (5) microns.
    • Media Recovery Rate: 95%
    • Media Replenishing Rate:
         a) Air/Gas Scouring: 5% per year
         b) Agitator: 10% per year
    • Reduced footprint
    • Simple Control Philosophy
    • Low energy Design
    • No rotating equipment or external device

  • ◈  Applications

    • Downstream process line of oil separator
    • For low oil content
    • Typically used in facilities with strict oil discharge requirement
    • Sometimes used with systems that have downstream membrane process